• DLAB is the first laboratory exclusively dedicated to Design.
  • DLAB offers a plethoric range of short courses and workshops: A perfect introduction to the world of interior design – Whether for personal enjoyment or as a platform for further study.
  • DLAB workshops provide guidance,direction, and reassurance in styling interior design projects.


  • Attain superior understanding of any interior design topic.
  • Master the fundamentals of design.
  • Realize your own design style, while channeling your ideas with clear and precise directions.
  • Seeking to reshuffle a particular space and setting its mood board, thus gaining practical advice and experience.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge and know- how with regards to  space planning and material selection.
  • Seeking to be part of a Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • You are someone personally interested in the area of interior decoration and renovating or redecorating a space.
  • You wish to begin your creative journey in design.
  • You are seeking inspiration for any design related project : Your space makeovers never match up to your expectations, you might have practical issues to solve that need a creative solution, you seek professional assistance to help you achieve your dreams or just need to know where to start.
  • You are Corporate considering a further career development .
  • You are a High school student curious about interior design and is willing to explore,attain knowledge and skills before getting enrolled in universities.


  • DLAB works with small groups of a maximum of ten people, in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.
  • DLAB proposes a monthly schedule of short courses and workshops including coffee breaks and lunch.
  • DLAB offers courses categorized under 3 intertwined  modules that can be freely combined , opened for a one time course or as a sequence of courses.
  • DLAB customizes design workshops according to demand.

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